Bequest Documents

Your deferred gift by way of a bequest is a permanent legacy to the Party and a great way to help to protect the values that you believe in for generations of New Zealanders to come.

Including the National Foundation in your will when making a new will, adding it to your existing one by making a codicil, or varying your family trust to include the Foundation as a beneficiary, will provide invaluable long-term support.

You can find a copy of sample wording for a codicil here (PDF 134KB) or a word document version here (DOC 34KB).

Any amount, no matter how small or large, can be nominated and you may wish to discuss with the Foundation Secretary supporting a specific activity, such as supporting greater opportunities for women, or developing promising young leaders via one of our specific purposes sub-trusts.

The process is relatively simple and inexpensive, and there are no longer any adverse tax or duty consequences in making your bequest. You should speak to your solicitor or trustee about the provision you wish to make for the Foundation.

Recognising your support

The contents of a will are a very private matter. However, if you decide to leave the National Foundation a gift in your will and are prepared to let us know, we would be very grateful.

You can find a find copy of further information on notifying us of your bequest here (PDF 114KB) or a word document version here (DOC 32KB).

This would allow us to plan for the future and also to say thank you or recognise your donation. For bequests of $10,000 or greater, you can register to be recognised as a Legacy Foundation Member on our Major Donors Honours Wall.