The National Foundation

We live in a great country. Thanks to sound and sensible centre-right leadership we have weathered the on-going storm of global economic uncertainty, while also dealing with natural disasters, to come through in better shape than many other countries.

National's values of competitive enterprise, responsible fiscal management, sustainable development, strong families and individual freedom and responsibility have once again stood New Zealand in good stead. It is clear these values are as important today as they were when the National Party was founded in 1936.

Looking to the future, we want to be secure in the knowledge that the National Party can continue to champion these values and promote them to New Zealanders each election.

And with your help, that's exactly what we'll do. Like any New Zealand political party, National is not state-funded. Our entire existence is because of the much-appreciated support of like-minded benefactors.

We have established the National Foundation to strengthen the financial future of the National Party. It will operate as a capital-protected fund. This means contributions will never be removed from the fund. Instead, they will be invested with the proceeds ensuring a stable and diverse revenue stream to support our activities, and the capital will continue to benefit our Party for the long term.

These activities will include not just our election campaigns, but also our Candidates' College, the Dame Hilda Ross Foundation for the support of talented female candidates, and the Endurance Trust to support promising young leaders.

The Foundation will also maintain ownership of the Party's home, National House, for the benefit of the Party for many years to come.